The Ant Infestation (and my one month anniversary)!

Hello friends!

I´ve had yet another amazing, hard-working week. A lot of trials, but many, many more miracles.
Well, the first thing that´s really been crazy this week was the fact that we had an ANT INFESTATION in our bathroom! Yep, it started off as just a few ants, two or three, and we thought it was gross and whatever but they´re so small so we just smashed them, but then the Hermanas who share a bathroom with us on the other side asked us if we had an ant problem. We walked into their bathroom and their floor and walls were covered in ants! Thankfullly we were like no, we don´t, and then we went back to our room to shower. But then when Hermana Jensen finished showering, she walked out AND OUR ANT PROBLEM HAD EXPLODED!!! Literally ants everywhere. It was horrifying. We cleared out our bathroom items and sprayed all the bugs like crazy, but holy cow it was crazy. aND IT HAPPENED RIGHT AFTER WE GOT THE HOUSE FUMIGATED, TOO. Well, today we went ahead and bleached the entire bathroom, so hopefully it wont happen again. Honestly though, I would have rather had a centipede climb up through our shower drain than an ant problem, but whatever! It will be okay.
Today we wanted to play volleyball again, but the court we usually use was occupied. We walked all around campus for thirty minutes trying to find another one, but they were all used. So while the Elders were debating what to do, I took the volleyball and boldly walked back to our court. Hermana Jensen was freaking out, and was all like,”What are you doing? You´re insane!” But I went back and talked to them, and it turns out they were just playing during their gym time which conveniently ended right at that moment, so they all walked ff the court as the Elders from my district arrived, and they were all freaking out because they had no idea how I got them all to leave. I felt pretty good for a little bit.
On Saturday, we had TRC, where volunteers come in and pretend to be investigators of the church. We practice teaching them a lesson, and we had no idea we were doing that until 5 minutes before. Anyway, everyone was freaking out, but I was pretty chill because I was thinking that´s it´s not a real investigator, it doesn´t matter if my Spanish is perfect, etc. And then two minutes before we go teach my teacher comes in and he´s all like ¨WE HAVE A REAL INVESTIGATOR TODAY¨and we all go pale, and then Hna. Jensen and I have a panic attack when he tells us we´re the ones who will be teaching him! So yeah, that´s the story of how I taught my first investigator! But the lesson actually went pretty well, and our teacher, Hno. Tapia, joined us and helped us out. Later, the man we taught told us he really felt the Spirit and enjoyed our lesson, and he said yes to all of out commitments, too! It was so amazing. I feel like it was really a blessing for me to be able to teach a real person like this because one of my worries was that I would get out into the field and no one would understand me, but that´s not the case! And my inability with the language is made up by my ability with the spirit.
We got a new district in our zone this week! It was soooooooo awesome. We met the new Hermanas last night and they seem pretty happy to be here! We also went on splits with the other girls in our zone so that was pretty awesome.
We had a devotional Tuesday night broadcasted from the Provo MTC. Elder Nelson was the speaker, and I felt like everything he said was just 100% directed at me. It was absolutely amazing. I´ve been reviewing my notes from that devotional ever since.
We´ve also started talking to and befriending a lot of Latinas around here! On Tuesday night, we sat next to some Latinas in the Comedar who had only arrived that day, and we were practicing our Spanish with them and just having a lot of fun. One Hermana asked us if we had ´novios´ back home (boyfriends), and of course we were all like “no way! Do you?” And she said no, and when we asked why, she loudly exclaimed “Porque es pecado!” (Because it´s a sin) We just about died laughing! It was so funny.
So Hermana Hilker has been leading me in some yoga this week during gym time! It´s been pretty awesome but booooooy am I tired! I´m so grateful to have her here, though. She´s inspired me to join a yoga studio when I get home and become super fit and flexible!
So I don´t have a lot of other things to say, but I´ll leave you all with a spiritual thought from one of the devotionals we´ve had. Sister Bonnie Oscarson gave a devotional a few weeks ago, and something she said that I really loved was, “Our Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves. He will always know what´s best for us.”
Next week is my last week here! AHHHHHH I´m so excited to go out into the field!
I love all of you!
Hermana Ius

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