Surprise everybody!

I know my traditional P-day is on Friday, but this is our last week here and tomorrow we have assessments all day, so instead my P-day is today! I can´t believe it´s already out last week here. On Monday, I was called to be a Travel Leader, which is just a fancy way of saying that I´m in charge of us missionaries headed to Bolivia Santa Cruz. There´s only four of us going there. Thankfully, we leave at 12 in the afternoon, unlike the majority of people who have to be on the buses by 2:30 AM. Definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. Sadly, we´re flying through the LAN airline (or airport?), which means that we get to check in two 50 lb bags for free, but out carry on MUST be 17 lb…and my carry on was 33 lb when I first came here, not to mention the 14 lb worth of material I was given. We actually went to reception to check how much it would cost to check a third bag…$150. And if it´s overweight? $75.  Needless to say, I got rid of a LOT of stuff, but so did all of the other Hermanas in the casa, so I don´t feel too bad. Our donation box is overflowing. And I´m sorry, mom, I tried to eat all of the food you sent me, but the chicken soup and the lemonade mix had to be let go. On the plus side though, my carry on is now 14 lb and both suitcases are under 50! Hallelujah! But I don´t know if any of you remember this, but they have my name wrong here in the system at the CCM, and they wouldn´t change it. Turns out they should have because they reserved my plane ticket under the name “Amanda Ruth Lus”, so I had to tell them about the mistake and make them scurry to get it changed! Luckily it´s all being taken care of and tomorrow I shall have a plane ticket reserved for “Amanda Ruth Ius”.
So last week Hna Jensen caught a cold, but she refused to go to the enfermeria, so for several days she just suffered through it with some generic cold medicine, but on Saturday morning it was finally bad enough that she relented. As it turns out, she had a sinus infection! What a silly goose. The doctor gave her a ton of medicine, but she didn´t heal quickly enough because I CAUGHT HER COLD! I was not very happy. But I recognized the symptons the very first day, so we went to the enfermeris immediately. As soon as the doctor checked my throat, he just went “Oh yeah. You have what she has.” Luckily I didn´t have to take as much medicine as Hna Jensen had to, so that´s nice. That night, however, I took a sleeping AND NyQuil, AND IT TOTALLY KNOCKED ME OUT. I actually had a full nights rest for once because I was on so much medication. When the alarm went off in the morning, I fell back asleep 5 minutes later. It really freaked Hna Jensen out because I´m always the first one up, so she thought I had died or something overnight. That wasn´t the case, needless to say, but I was so out of it that we ended up missing personal study, and then an hour after breakfast we came back and I slept until 3:30. After that I felt a lot better, and today, I feel 98% normal! Hooray! But the best part out of this whole experience was getting to play with the puzzle in the enfermeria while we waited to see the doctor. Tender mercy indeed.
Today was Elder Glasgow´s birthday in our district, so we planned a surprise party for him in the classroom. We all went to the Tienda and bought him a ton of Takis and Pringles and food, so much so that he insisted we all just help ourselves to whatever we bought him because he couldn´t eat it all. It was actually a lot of fun though, and I think he was pretty surprised and happy that we all did that for him because he thought his birthday here would be like just another regular old day.  I´m glad that we got to make his birthday at least a little special.
My biggest Spiritual/Language accomplishment this week was finally teaching a lesson entirely in Spanish with no-helps AND by asking a lot of questions! We´ve been going solo español for a few weeks now, but our lessons still had so much to improve on (and probably still do), but for critiques this week, our teacher told us we were doing just great and that we needed to have more confidence in our language skills! I really feel like we´ve improved so much, but I know that it´s all a result of our diligence and desire to serve Heavenly Father. As we´ve proven our responsibility, He has enhanced our capability. I still have so much to learn, and I´m terrified to go out and teach people in Bolivia when I still have such a vague grasp of the language, but I know that through Heavenly Father, I can do all things.
My biggest non-Spiritual accomplishment this week was learning how to solve a Rubiks Cube! The Elders found one lying around, and a bunch of them taught us Hermanas how to solve it. I did it twice – the first time it took about an hour and half, the second time about 5 minutes, so big improvement!
My Spiritual thought to you all this week is in Spanish because I can´t remember it in English, but I think the reference is Luke 1:37 — “Porque ninguna cosas es imposible para Dios.” It means that nothing is impossible with God. This was one of the scriptures I memorized this week, partly because it was so short, but this whole week we´ve been saying it in lessons and through out mini trials, and I´ve really gained such a large testimony of this simple truth. Whatever you´re going through, Heavenly Father can help you through it.
I love you all!
Hermana Ius
PS Hermana Jensen also has a blog about her adventures in Bolivia, so you can all go check it out at hermana-jensen.blogspot.comand compare our experiences. 🙂

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