The Great Puppy Rescue!

Alrighty friends, listen up because do I have a story to tell you!

Yesterday, Hna. Knighton and I were teaching a lesson to Rossio and her mother, and we had a nice long conversation about how Jesus Christ IS Jehovah, because they had been taught by the Jehovah´s Witness that God is Jehovah and Christ is…just Christ. Kind of different. Anyway, after our lesson, Sandro showed up to tell us that they had found a dog who was trapped and starving. Now let me explain to you the set up of how this dog got trapped: Bascially, this dog had climbed under a fence to get into an abandoned property. This fence was locked, and Sandro only knew about the dog because this property was a dittch right behind their own land, and the only way to get into this ditch was by climbing down this incredibly frail ladder that was no stronger than a bunch of rusted paperclips. Anyway, we joined them to go bring some food and water to this poor dog. Agustin, their son, and Hna. Knighton climbed down the frail ladder and managed to coerce the dog to come and eat some food. This was also when I realized (because apparently everyone else already knew) that this dog was a MOMMA and I realized this because she was clearly swollen. After hunting around a bit, Hna. Knighton found SEVEN new born puppiers under a cabinet (there was a lot of junk there), and she rescued them and brought them to their mother. They were soooo hungry! Aaaaand around this time I decided to brave the ladder and join them in the ditch. I got to hold three puppies too, and they all fell asleep in my arms! They were so young, they hadn´t even opened their eyes yet! More people joined us and we got more food for the momma dog, and we fashioned a resting place for the family on a mattress. It was such a crazy experience. But my biggest regret out of all of this is that I DIDN´T BRING MY CAMERA so you´ll just have to take my word for it that this really happened. However, we are visiting them again tonight, so next week I will have pictures for sure.
We had a lot of miracles this week! Fidelia was baptized on Saturday, and it was so exciting to be apart of that experience. Her husband and son weren´t ready to be baptized, but she decided to go forth alone, and I think her family will be very blessed by her example. We also had 10 investigators show up to church! That´s practically unheard of! Bolivian people are sooooo lazy and really struggle with commitments, so I feel so blessed that so many people showed up. The biggest miracle for me though was probably Eduardo, whom Hna Knighton had received a referral for three months ago, but every time she knocked on his door, he wasn´t home. This week, however, we chose to knock on his door and there he was! We didn´t have time to teach a lesson, so all we did was give him a pass along card and invite him to church. AND THEN HE CAME TO CHURCH. How crazy is that? But then I was really nervous because we were teaching a lesson in church to the new converts and investigators, and the topic was the law of chastity. That topic is kind of awkward already, but then we have to teach it to people who are all adults, plus this Eduardo guy is, as Hbna. Knighton would describe him, “a player”, so I felt like this lesson would scare him away from the church. And then, to my utter amazement, he actually had a lot to contribute to our lesson and why he felt from his own experience it´s important to be chaste. I think this really just goes to show how the Lord knows people better than I do. We have a lesson with him this Wednesday, and I´m so excited!
One person that we visit is this super old lady named Elvita. She´s so sweet and slightly crazy, and she loves holding our hands. She´s not a member but we visit her as a service. Hna. Knighton told me to practice teaching the Word of Wisdom to her because she doesn´t pay attention. I ws skeptical, so she said, ” Elvita, do you understand me?” And Elvita was like, “What?” It was pretty hilarious. She also threw a small fit over eating a banana. Awwww, good times. I really love her though.
In other news, I think my vision of losing weight on my mission was incredibly misconstrued because everything here is fried and the proportions are giant. I´m in deep trouble. So if anyone has some weight maintenance tips, please. I need them.
Ciao for now!
Hna. Ius

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