Hi everybody!

I hope you´re all doing well. Yesterday was my 2-month anniversary, how crazy is that? I’m still at that point in the mission where everyday seems to last a lot longer than just 24 hours, but I love being out here and doing the Lord´s work.
As you might have guessed by the title of my email, I´ve had some interesting experiences over here. I don´t want to get to much into what happened because I don´t want to scare anyone, but yeah, Hna. Knighton and I had a very unique run-in with a drunk guy with a machete, and this incident may or may not have been related to the puppy rescue….yikes! I remember as we were hiding behind this wall scared for our lives, I had the very distinct thought: “I AM A TITHE PAYER. THIS SHOULDN´T BE HAPPENING TO ME!” Now, let me explain, at the CCM, Presidente Tenorio gave a devotional about paying your tithing, and he shared many experiences how paying tithing has literally saved his life, and that´s the reason why I thought I shouldn´t be in incredible danger. However, right after I had that thought, in my moment of incredible danger, I had a revelation – Yes, I am a tithe-payer, and that´s why I´m NOT going to die, despite the fact that we made some stupid choices and temporarily ignored the Holy Ghost and had a very real chance of dying.
But hey, you gotta love the mission!
Anyway, the danger was soon averted because Hna. Knighton called Sandro and he came and rescued us, and we´ve been alive ever since. And don´t worry, mom, dad – not a single hair was harmed on my body! I am perfectly okay! Hna. Knighton totally took (part) of the blame for that, because she actually knew what was going on but I didn´t because I DON´T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, but like I said, we´re okay. Bolivia is a pretty safe place to be (contingent that you obey the rules).
Also, because of this whole experience, I don{t have pictures with 7 new born puppies. I´m sorry, But I do have a picute with one big puppy, so I hope that´s okay. Like I said before, there are about a billion dogs here that breed like crazy (but this one isn´t a stray, so don´t worry!).
So Monday our Hna. Training leaders told us we were going to a dinosaur museum, but I think there was some mistranslation there because it was actually a dinosaur PARK. It was pretty cool though because the park is at the top of Tarija, so we could see the entire city! So gorgeous.
We also had the opportunity to go to San Lorenzo on Friday for a zone activity. San Lorenzo is a city in Tarija (note: Tarija is both a city and a department'”state”. I´m serving in Tarija City, Tarija). It´s so beautiful there! Anyway, we went there because the goal is to open a new branch there, and the missionaries need a lot of help with getting contacts, so we literally knocked on doors for like 4 hours straight. And took a billion pictures. It was awesome. We also put up a display in the middle of the park, and literally the day before they asked me to make a poster mapping out the life of Christ. I was happy to do it, but gosh it was crazy stressful! All the hermanas in the house had to help me coplor it in and everything, but it turned out pretty well. And to think that I was worried I wouldn´t be able to use my talents out in the field. If anything, everybody has been asking me to draw them since I´ve arrived! Haha but it´s pretty awesome, and I love drawing.
We actually had a really cool experience related to the poster, though. This week, we weren´t having a lot of success with getting new investigators, so I prayed a specific prayer that we would meet a woman this day who was wearing a green blouse and would be excited to hear about the gospel. Well, when we went to the art store to pick up supplies for the poster, the lady who helped us was wearing a big, bright green vest. She asked us what the poster was for, and we explained that I was going to draw the life of Christ, and that immediately piqued her attention. We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon, and she was SO excited. She just kept flipping through all of the pictures with a huge smile on her face, and then she gave us a discount on our purchase! Truly a beautiful miracle from the Lord. I do wish that I had prayed in my specific prayer for this person to live in our area, though, so we could teach her. Haha but it{s okay! What matters are that we are spreading the gospel.
Well, that{s all for now! Thank you for all of your love and support, and I hope to hear from you all again soon! AND PAY YOUR TITHING! It really does proterct you in ways you would never imagine.
Hermana Ius

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