Lots of Christmas Miracles!

Hey everybody!

I hope you´re all doing swell. We´re halfway to Christmas and I´m still having a difficult time realizing that because it´s soooo warm here. But I love it! Our znoe is planning to sing Christmas carols in the park (or something like that), and they particularly want to sing The Little Drummer Boy a cappella. And SOMEHOW they chose me and two other missionaries to sing the lyrics and have everyone else do the background music. I have no idea how I was volunteered or chosen to sing the main lead, but whatever it´s cool, plus I totally love that song.
I had my first intercambios (splits, teamups, whatever you call them) this week with our Hna. Traning Leader Hermana Secce, mi abuelita! Haha she´s my abuelita because she was the “mama” or trainer of Hna. Knighton, and Hna. Knighton is my mama. I went up to Tabladita and had such a fun time there.
On Monday we had a zone activity to go hike to a waterfall! Except the waterfall we ended up visiting was more of a trickle off a rock than a legit waterfall….haha. The REAL waterfall was waaaaaay off, but it was stil fun, especially when it started raining like crazy. It even hailed! It was super refreshing though and utterly beautiful, though driving back in a micro full of wet missionaries was a tad bit unpleasant. Hna. Knighton and I also bought alpaca sweaters! Well, she did anyway. When we asked the cashier guy if my sweater was pure alpaca, he said, “uhhh más o menos.” So I have a más or menos alapca sweater, and then we took holiday Christmas pictures in them. Hooray!
We´ve had some great miracles this week. Freddy Morales finally decided to get baptized, yipee! But he needs to start comnig to church before that can happen, so his baptismal date is kind of up in the air. I met Claudia this week, an investigator that I was supposed to meet my first day but she was just never home. We taught her the plan of Salvation and at the end I bore my testimony, then after the lesson Hna. Knighton told me that Claudia had said she definitely felt something in her heart when I was speaking. That made me so happy! We also taught some new investigators, Maria Belen (16), her sister Nicole (14?), and her boyfriend (18). We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and we showed them a picture of the SLC Temple and told them that´s where we get married for time and all eternity. When we said that, Maria Belen´s eyes just lit up and I saw her mouth the word “wow!” It was so amazing. Sometimes I think I forget just what it means to have an eternal family, but moments like that really humble me.
Also a wonderful miracle that happened yesterday: The Elders have been teaching this one investigator, Gonzalez, and he´s 19 years old. He´s really interested in the gospel, but his grandmother forbid the Elders from visiting him. So, since the Elders didn´t want to lose him, they sent us instead! Yesterday we went to go check up on him, and he told us that he´s decided that the  Book of Mormon is true and he wants to get baptized. We were so excited, and we called the Elders right away and told them. It was such a huge miracle for them because they´ve been having a really hard week, but this was exactly what they needed.
Yesterday we went to visit the Bishop really quickly to ask him about a reference we had received, and on uor way there a drunk guy came up to talk to us. Hna. Knighton gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and told him to read it because it would help not to drink so much, and he was so happy that he went to go show his drunk friend. Then he came back to us a minute later utterly distraught because his friend had stolen his WoW pamphlet and he wanted another one, but we didn´t have another one so we gave him a Plan of Salvation and Chastity pamphlet. That seemed to make him happy. Last we saw of them they were waling down the street, a bottle in one hand and church pamphlets in the other. They were so pleased with themselves
Love you all so much!
Hna. Ius

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