Our Shower Exploded and Other Fun Stories (And Merrm Christmas!)

Merry Christmas everybody!

For those of you in Utah where it is currently cold and hopefully snowy, I hope you are all enjoying your traditional Christmas traditions and are eating a lot of yummy treats!
This week was sooooo crazy! We had a ton of fun and interesting experiences which could only happen in Bolivia. For example, our shower exploded. Okay not super literally, but the other night I was sitting at my desk journaling, and from where I sit I have a direct view of the bathroom. Hna. Pereira went in there to wash her feet, then next thing I know I hear this strong electrical zing in the air, almost as if Nikola Tesla was conducting an experimenting right here in our house, and I see these flashing red lights from the bathroom, and Hna. Pereira starts screaming and runs out of the bathroom! It was like a scene from a horror movie, only incredibly hilarious. Well, SOMEHOW the shower caught on fire, and there were legitimate flamews and a smell of burnt plastic in our house for the rest of the night, but we´re totally okay and, amazingly enough, the shower still works! Except the water is freezing and none of us trust it, so we´re using buckets right now to wash ourselves. Yay!
I also discovered why it´s a rule that we work out in the morning: So that we can be fit enough to run away from creepy stalker drunk men at night. That was fun!
Mom sent me a recipe for shortbread cookies and I made them and shared them with our investigators, and now everyone wants her recipe! Mom, I think your cookies just might become the next big thing here in Bolivia…😉
Awesome news! Maria Belen has committed to getting baptized! We are soooo excited! Then when we met up with her last, she had started reading the Book of Mormon – only two paragraphs of the introduction, but honestly that´s so much because some of our investigators that we´ve had for months haven´t read anything. This makes me so happy.
The Elders asked me to design a t-shirt for the zone literally the day before they needed nit, then told me the design was too complicated and I had to come up with another design the day the were going to make the shirts. Crazies. Next time they ask me to do something, it better be two weeks early!
Last night Carmiña told us she had something for us, and she gave us a mini Christmas tree! We were so happy and decorated it right there. Carmiña is a member but her husband isn´t and we´ve been trying very had for him to commit to baptism. Last night, Igor (her husband) wasn´t there, and she told us how 2 weeks ago he was slightly drunk and said to her, “I love the Hermanas so much and it makes me sad that I´m not getting baptized! But YOU (Carmiña) are a bad example because they alsways talk about loving everyone but you hate my parents! So the day you love my parents is the day I´ll get baptized!” After hearing this, we told her she needs to learn to love her parents-in-law.
Well everyone, I hope you have a very MERRM Christmas this year! I say “Merrm” because Hna. KNighton´s mom sent us a Merry Christmas sign but instead of saying “merry” it says “merrm” by accident. Haha! I love you all and you mean the world to me!
Hna. Ius

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