A Christmas Like No Other!

Merry belated Christmas everybody!

I hope you all had the Christmas celebrations of your dreams and are stocked full with sugar. Christmas for me this year was definitely unlike any I have ever experienced, and I wouldn´t have it any other way.
We had a big activity this Saturday where all the missionaries in our zone went to the plaza and sang carols for everyone. We had a giant Libro de Mormón and Santa Biblia that the Elders wore to show that we believe in both, plus people going around contacting and so many people wanted to take pictures of us! It was pretty awesome and so much fun. Then we had a group baptism for all of these different families, and it was so wonderful to see so many people get baptized on Christmas Eve. I know they´ll remember this Christmas forvever.
Our Zone Leaders had this idea to have a church tour, and to incorporate the theme of the Plan of Salvation/Tree of Life into the tour. Now, I think our Zone Leaders are really awesome, but they tend to think that they can plan everything by themselves and it´s not until the last minute that they realize they actually need help. So at 6 o´clock the night before the activity, they call us and ask us to make a star, a moon, a sun, a tere of life, and provide some refreshments. Honestly I have no idea how we managed to accomplish all of that but we did. The next day we literally only made it to one appointment because we spent the whole day in the capilla cleaning and decorating! But the activity ended up being a success and we were able to keep our decorations because they were so cute. Yay!
We got our zone t-shirts that I designed and they turned out pretty well, but I was a little disappointed that they spelled my name wrong on the back — H. Lus. I might have let out a not-so tiny groan of frustration, but it´s okay because at least everyone who has a t-shirt knows that I´m Hermana IUS, not hermana LUS. Hay una diferencia.
The best part about Bolivia is that there is no such thing as illegal fireworks, and I say this because it´s a tradition to shoot off every kind of firework at midnight on Christmas Eve. We slightly borke the rules and went to the roftops to watch as the whole valley exploded before us! Our neighbors were literally blowing off professional fireworks right off their rooftops. It was better than the fourth of July, and I thihnk that was when I truly fell in love with Bolivia. I wish you could have all experienced it because it was the most magical event to behold, with giant fireworks literally going off above our heads. It will be one of my favorite memories forever.
One big miracle his week was that we taught a first lesson to a couple and we only had a few minutes to teach because it was so late, but the Spirit was so strong with them and by bthe end of the lesson, we had committed them to get married and get baptized! I´m so excited. The Lord really does prepare people and I´m so thankful to be an instrument in his hands.
I love you all so much and I hope to hear from some of you soon! Remember that the church is true and Heavenly Father loves us.
Los amo mucho!
Hna. Iusdscf05781dscf05871dscf06021dscf06031dscf06071

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