Guess Who’s Getting Baptized….

IGOR! That´s who´s getting baptized! Well, everything goes well, that is, haha. After trying different tactics of getting him to accept the gospel (because we´ve very sneaky), I had intercambios with Hna. Undurraga. It was an awesome day because I was able to lead my area and NOT get lost (arguably the biggest miracle of all), we also taught Igor a lesson that day and invited him to be baptized, this time with a date, and he said yes! We literally were dying from happiness. He still has a lot of questions, and doesn´t have a strong testimonv of a living prophet, but he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that he needs to get baptized. If everything goes as planned, his baptismal service will be this Saturday, 28 of January. Woohoo! It´s honestly such a miracle because Hna. Knighton has been teaching him since August and we´ve all been so worried that he just wasn´t progressing, we even talked about the possibility of having to drop him, but the Lord never gives up on us, so we decided never to give up on him! Just this past Sunday when we saw them in church, I could see how happy he and his wife were. The gospel really blesses families.

Hna. Knighton and I hosted an activity at the church, a movie night where we watched The Testaments. We spent the whole day making pizzas with our pensionista Andrea. I had the recipe, Hna. Knighton had experience, and Andrea had an oven, so all in all it turned out well. The activity was a huge success, a lot of people came, including Maria Belen! She told us afterwards that she had actually cried (yo también), and we just felt so happy that she was able to feel the spirit so strongly.
Last Monday, we visited Mabel again and taught her how to pray in English. At the end of the lesson, we transcribed a prayer she wanted to say that went something along the lines of, “Thank you for sending me the sister missioneries. Please bless me with wisdom to understand thy word and this message.” Her prayer was so simple, but the spirit filled the room as she humbly prayed, and I almost started crying. She was smiling so big at the end, and told us we could visit her everyday if we wanted to because she likes us so much. What a miracle! Except she´s super busy so we don´t get that opportunity very often, but whatever!
This week has been so amazing and I´m so grateful to be here in Bolivia. I´´ve had so many opportunities this past week to see the gospel really touch and change people. I think sometimes we take for granted the blessings we have in our lives, and we forget how much we have to thank Heavenly Father for. The church is true, and Heavenly Father loves and blesses his children so much. It´s a promise in the scriptures that he willl take care of us, and though sometimes life has its challenges and we may wonder where exactly are those blessings, never, ever doubt that they will come.
I love you all so much!
Hna. Ius

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