Happy Happy Happy!

Hi everybody!

This week went by so fast, I can hardly believe it´s P-Day once again. Some loco things have happened — Monday night, we got a phone call that there were emergency transfers and that Hna. Alarcon would be finishing her training in Santa Cruz. We were so sad, so to “celebrate her memory” we had a last supper. Weirdly, though, the Assistants had no idea there were emergency transfers, and she waited forever to get the information for her flight  plans, which came one hour before she was supposed to leave the next day. So why were there emergency transfers? Well, let me just say this: BE OBEDIENT. ALWAYS. It´s really the key to everything.
So Raymi, Rossio´s nephew, returned home to Cochabamba and we were so sad, but we got to have a farewell lunch with him so that was nice. It was so amazing to see the change in him — he went from Atheist to Christian with us, thanks to his desire to read and pray. His mom is anti-Mormon (or was), but when we met her she was relly open to us and it was so much fun talking to her — she even showed us videos of Raymi singing and dancing! He´s only 15, but apparently he has a TV show or some sort of program that they aire in Cochabamba…que loco! But we really got so close to him while he was here, like a younger brother, and he told Rossio that after our missions we have to reconnect! Also, after we left, he kept telling his mom all about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, and his mom was really intrigued by it all. As much as I want to take the credit for helping this kid come to Christ, I can´t, because all we did was give him a Book of Mormon and teach him lessons. His development is because of his faith and thanks to the Lord.
The other day I had to take care of some immigration stuff, so in the morning, the other gringos and I went to go give blood. As I we were waiting on the bench, we hear a voice from inside yell, “He´s going to faint!” and then thud. Poor Elder Gooch, he came out utterly pale and soaked in sweat. I didn´t pass out, but I got a little weasy. Afterwards we bought salteñas though, so I turned out okay.
I also got my slightly belated Christmas package! I was so happy I cried a little bit.
Yesterday we taught a lesson with Presidente and Hna. Rodríguez again, and I was so nervous. It ended up going so well though, and the Spirit was so strong. At the end, Presidente and Hna. Rodríguez congratulated me on how much my Spenish has imprpved. I taught a lesson with them my very first week here and haven´t spoken to them since, but they were so impressed but how much I´ve learned since then. Hna. Knighton was so proud of me and told me that I didn´t make a single mistake when I talked, a miracle that lasted only the length of that lesson haha! But I really just felt so happy haering that from them, and knowing that I am progressing, whether or not I see it.
There´s a new rule in the mission that we have to live in our area, so now Hna, Knighton and I are househunting in our spare time, woohoo!
Yesterday during church a stray dog wandered into the building, and Hna. Knighton and I were the only people that rtied to get rid of it. However, the dog ended up coming back during Consejo de Barrio and took a nap right behind the Bishop´s chair. I love this country.
Love you all!
Hna. Ius

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