Many, Many Miracles

Hi everybody!!

This week has literally just flown by, and I can´t believe it´s already Monday again. We had a worldwide missionary conference on Wednesday, where they announced some new changes to the missionary schedule and the key indicators. It was crazy, and now we have two extra hours of P-day time, aka two more hours to attempt napping.
Also, on Friday, we all went to Santa Cruz to have a conference with Elder Cook! It was fantastic! The meeting was Saturday morning which is why we left Friday night. At the conference, Elder Cook insisted on shaking all of our hands, so I guess you could say that I´m basically friends with him now. 🙂 Haha but seriously, I loved that meeting so much. The spirit was so strong and at the very end, he bore his testimony to us and every single missionary started crying. After hearing him speak, there is not a doubt in my soul that he is prophet, seer, and revelator.
I had another really amazing experience while I was in Santa Cruz. Since we had a few extra hours there on Friday, we went on divisions with other Hermanas. At the end of the day, I was waiting with Hna. Merejilda to meet back up with Hna. Knighton and Hna. Vega when a man approached us and told us that there was a woman sitting on a park bench crying and we should talk to her. We had no idea who this man was, but we followed his advice and went to talk to the woman. As soon as we introduced ourselves, the phone rang and Hna. Merejilda had to answer it, leaving me alone to talk to this crying woman. Needless to say, I felt incredibly awkward, what with my imperfect spanish and the situation. However, I sat next to this lady on the bench and shared with her that through our Savior, we can always be happy, and I gave her a pamphlet and taught her about prayer. It was very simple, but I felt the spirit and in those two minutes of visiting with her, she managed to stop crying and was willing to learn more.
I just want to share my testimony with all of you that I know this church is true and that Christ is our Savior. I´m incredibly imperfect, but I have been working so hard to truly change and become more like my Savior, and I´ve really started to see how that has started to make all the difference in my life. I love this church and I know it´s true, and I encourage all of you to try and learn more about our Savior and what He can do for you.
Hna Ius

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