Too Many Peruanos

Hi everyone!

This week has been CRAZY! On Wednesday, our zona leaders pulled us aside and told us that Presidente is closing their area…and combining it with ours! Needless to say, I felt a little overwhelmed with this news. Everytime I start to feel a little comfortable with the mission, Heavenly Father gives me some more responsibility and sometimes it feels really hard, but Heavenly Father knows what we`re capable of so much more than we do, and if we trust in Him and give it our all, He always helps us and blesses us in return.
So, the Elders have been busy showing us their area whenever there was time. Spending time with many Peruanos all at once gave me the great opportunity to practice my Spanish and accidently learn bad words….WHOOPS. For example, they have many words for “stupid” here, and mostly you can`t use them too often because they`re too strong. Hna. Knighton taught me the word “tonto” (and I learned this in the CCM, too), so sometimes I would say to myself “oh that`s stupid” and in this context it`s alright and Hna. Gonzales never corrected me. This one instance with our zone leaders, Elder Mori was telling us how he walked to his house in the rain on a rock road without his socks and shoes, so in my American humor I said “well that`s dumb” AND OH GOSH THAIR REACTIONS. I learned this was not an appropriate situation to use this word. Oh dear.
I also learned that Peruvian word for a swearword here because Elder Barrera was messing around in his made up “chi” language and we were all making fun of him then I tried to say something in “chi” and it turns out this meanssomething very bad in Peru! Thanks goodness we`re in Bolivia and there was only one church member with us at the time.
The other day the Elders also accompanied us to a lesson to give a blessing to a member and at the end of the lesson it started raining SUPER hard and we had to walk home. The roads were LITERALLY rivers. We got utterly soaked! And it says in the missionary handbook that the Elders should never accompany the sisers home, but I guess our zone leaders decided  it was too dangerous and so they ran us all the way to our house…haha.
One of the pleasures of Bolivian life: Pomegranates. They grow in the wild here. I`ve learned how to eat them like an apple now. 🙂
This morning we visited Fabiola and she dressed us up like Chapacas and we took pictures with her mom! It was so much fun.
I love you all! Take care. You`re all amazing.
Hna. Ius

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