Time is flying!

Hi friends!

I literally can´t believe it´s already Monday again! The week flew by so fast, and I´m struggling with thinking of what stories to tell you…
Yeah okay so Saturday night we were walking around and we had an hour left before curfew but no appointments, so we decided to pass by for one of the recents converts of the Elders because we hadn´t visited him yet. His name is Isaac and he´s 17 was baptized in October, and this kid is just always so happy to see us! As we were talking to him, he was all like, “Hermanas, I have some questions!” And we were like “Yeah man ask away!”. “Hermanas, is it super super super super SUPER bad to go ona a date with a girl and be alone (as in not in a group date) at my age?” Oh my gosh we just started laughing! All of his questions were about dating, how he should date, and if he needs to get married right away after his mission. It was pretty funny, but I think we helped clear up some of his questions,
I designed a t-shirt for just the hermanas in our zone this past transfer and I just received my new shirt and it came out so perfect and gorgeous and soft! I´m so happy.
Alejandra talked with her family this about getting baptized and has their support with her decision! She´s already planning on serving a mission, too. I can´t believe that we only met her three weeks ago and has already progressed and changed so much. It´s so true when they say that a study of the gospel with change behavior quicker than a study of bahavior will.
I love you all! Feel free to email me I have an extra 30 minutes of internet every Monday now woohoo!
Hermana Ius

Happy Conference Weekend

Hola Everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed your conference weekend and that you´re feeling very much spiritually renewed. We´ve been busy all week inviting people to the conference! We managed to get Tania, Fabiola´s sister, to come to the first saturday morning session and I was sooooo happy! Especially because she was listening to the messages and some of the talks really called her atention. Fabiola and Emili came the next day to the conference and also were able to enjoy the wonderful spirit there.
We had splits this week so I went to another area and Hna. Gonzales led our area for the first time! AND SHE DIDN´T GET LOST! I´m so proud of my baby. We received several references this week, hooray! And the other day as we were looking for one reference, we found his dad first. He asked who we were (Hna. Ius! Hna. Gonzales!) and he replied, “I´m Hermano Fernando!”. We explained that we´re missionaries, and he was all like, “Well I´m catholic but I´m not closed. When can you visit me?” Us: “Whenever you´d like!”
His son ended up being really awesome too! He wasnted to know the address of the church building, asked us for a pamphlet, and asked when we could visit him and his family before we had a chance to ask him any of these things.
Last Monday we had a hermanas-only activity and I made cinnamon pancakes and we watched Moana. Life is good here in Bolivia….
Love you all so much!
Hna. Ius