Asian food in South America?

Hi friends!

I hope you´re all doing well. For those of you in North America, I hope you´re enjoying your spring weather! Fall is in full swing here. It´s super funny because in the afternoon it´s really hot and the world is green with palm trees but in the morning and evening it is COLD! We sleep in our thermals and with three blankets and so far it has sufficed, but winter starts next month and it´s supposed to get even worse…yikes!
We had yet another busy week this week, what with knocking doors and appointments and all. We had an activity with the youth where we made my mother´s super delicious brownies! This recipe will soon go viral in all of South America.
We had splits this week and I was able to hang out with Hna. Undurraga and learn a TON from her. She is so cool, and she told me about this place in La Paz called Tiwanaku. Yáll should look it up, I think it would interest you all incredibly the significance of this place. 😉
So this week I received a giant cae package from my ever-loving mother (THANK YOU!) and it contained some pretty awesome goodies. I now have a new sketchbook, and I also bought some watercolors (only 2 bucks!) so now I´m once again on the painting game, woohoo! Mom also sent me mochi — for those of you who don´t know, mochi is this asian food made with rice flour and red bean paste, and it´s dessert. I´m pretty sure this was the first time in recorded history that mochi has been in South America. Well, I shared my mochi with hermana Acevedo, and also filmed her reaction as she ate hr first—and LAST — mochi ever. She could not get over the fact that she was eating BEANS, and when I told her it was dessert, she asked, “are you sure they don´t give this to children as a punishment?” Haha! Well, at least I get to eat more mochi para mí.
I love you all so much, stay cool kids!
Hermana Ius

Mother’s Day Miracle and Black Widow Moment

Hi everyone!

Happy Late Mother’s Day! Yesterday we had the lovely opportunity to call our families and chat for 40 minutes. We were praying all week that our plans to use the church internet would work, and Heavenly Father answered our prayers and we were able to talk on time just as we´d planned — the first of many miracles.
This last week has just been so amazing — I´m not sure I’ve ever worked harder in my mission. Like I said last week, when I arrived in my new area we didn’t have any investigators, so we’ve been working really hard to find a ton of new people to talk to. This past week, we found ten new investigators — I can hardly believe it! And they´re all so great too. Yesterday, a family of investigators came to church that we had invited on the streets — we hadn’t even taught them thee first lesson yet! But they enjoyed church so much and later in the night, we visited them and taught them and invited them to be baptized and they said yes! We set up a baptism date for them, so here´s to hoping it works out!
Right after church, one of our other investigators called us and said she wanted to talk to us today, so in the nighttime we passed by for hr house and she told us how she wants to change her life and repent and follo our Savior and make convenats with God and she talked to her mom and has her support in getting baptizd into our church. It was such a wonderful miracle because this girl has been an investigator for awhile and at last is ready and excited to get baptized. We set up anothr baptism date for her and it looks like it´s gonna happen no matter what!
So those were our Mother´s day Miracles yesterday. As for my Black Widow moment, I can´t explain it to well, but basically what happened is this: Hna. Acevedo forgot the keys to enter our house and the gat that leads to our house, and w needed to get in because we had food inside that we needed to bring to a church activity. So basically, I climbed the giant gate outside of our house, let hna. Acevedo enter, then we went upstairs to the emtpy upstairs apartment where I climbed out across their patio and jumped down an entire floor to our patio where I was able to enter and let Hna. Acevedo in. I didn´t hurt anything and I felt like a SUPERHERO! But yeah it was kind of dangerous so now I´m keeping the keys to our apartment so that we never get locked out again.
I love you all! Stay safe. kiddos.
Hermana Ius
PS The computer I´m using doesn’t have a USB port so I will send pics next week.

Don’t let those palm trees fool ya

Hi friends!

As you might have guessed, we just had transfers this week. I´m now in my second area, still in  Tarija, but at the other end, in the other zone,  so that´s pretty cool! Hermana Gonzales is now leading Central and I´m so proud of her. She´s progressed and changed so much, I felt peaceful leaving her  in charge of our area and investigators. It was sad leaving so many good friends behind — our converts and our investigators literally became our family here — but I felt ready to leave.
My new companion is Hermana Acevedo! I´m the senior companion between the two of us, but she´s aleady taught me so much about how to be a good missionary. Makes me question who´s really in charge here! haha. I was a little sad when I first arrived and she  told me that we basically didn´t have any investigators (because her last comp didn´t want to fulfill her purpose!). However, we might the decision right away to find new investigators and we left and started knocking on doors right away…..and pucha we´ve already found so many people with such great potential  and it´s only been four days! This transfer is difinitely gonna be b usy.
Other things that happened: I saw the largest spider of my life just walking around in the street and I almost died.
There are beautiful palm trees outside…and it´s winter. Seriously! So winter here isn´t like winter in Utah where we have snow and all that stuff. In the afternoon it´s hot and we sweat but boy at night we slleo in our thermals and bundle up. Apparently it´s gonna get even worse.
I´ve completed 7 months now! Ahhhhhhhh I don´t like it. But we celebrated with hamburgers and Inca Kola so it was alright.
I love you all!
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