Don’t let those palm trees fool ya

Hi friends!

As you might have guessed, we just had transfers this week. I´m now in my second area, still in  Tarija, but at the other end, in the other zone,  so that´s pretty cool! Hermana Gonzales is now leading Central and I´m so proud of her. She´s progressed and changed so much, I felt peaceful leaving her  in charge of our area and investigators. It was sad leaving so many good friends behind — our converts and our investigators literally became our family here — but I felt ready to leave.
My new companion is Hermana Acevedo! I´m the senior companion between the two of us, but she´s aleady taught me so much about how to be a good missionary. Makes me question who´s really in charge here! haha. I was a little sad when I first arrived and she  told me that we basically didn´t have any investigators (because her last comp didn´t want to fulfill her purpose!). However, we might the decision right away to find new investigators and we left and started knocking on doors right away…..and pucha we´ve already found so many people with such great potential  and it´s only been four days! This transfer is difinitely gonna be b usy.
Other things that happened: I saw the largest spider of my life just walking around in the street and I almost died.
There are beautiful palm trees outside…and it´s winter. Seriously! So winter here isn´t like winter in Utah where we have snow and all that stuff. In the afternoon it´s hot and we sweat but boy at night we slleo in our thermals and bundle up. Apparently it´s gonna get even worse.
I´ve completed 7 months now! Ahhhhhhhh I don´t like it. But we celebrated with hamburgers and Inca Kola so it was alright.
I love you all!
Hermana IusDSCF2055[1]DSCF2089[1]

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