Feliz Cumpleaños, Hermana Acevedo! And Happy Father´s Day, Dad!

Happy belated Father´s Day, Dad! I hope you had an awesome day and ate a lot of cake.
Guess what? TODAY IS HERMANA ACEVEDO´S B IRTHDAY! So what does that mean? WE´RE GONNA EAT A LOT OF YUMMY CAKE!!! I´m so excited. I love Bolivian cake. It´s the best.
We had a bunch of interesting experiences this past week. We did a lot of contacting and in total, found 13 new investigators.  two times this week, we knocked on the door of someone and a middle-aged man answered…in a towel! This happened two different times and with two different people  and we just happened to knock on their doors as they were leaving the shower. It was kind of awkward both times.
I had the opportunity to act as a translator for one of our investigators this week. This family is starting their own business where they make roofing for houses, but they needed help ordering their machines from china. The only person they could speak with china only spoke   english and chinese, and I happen to speak english, so they act me to help them order their stuff. It was pretty interesting to say the least, because I don´t really know business words in spanish or english, and  this chinese marketer doesn´t really know english 100%, so i had to translate his chinglish to english, then  my english to spanish, then vice versa. In then end though, it all  ended up working out, so that´s good!
I hope you all enjoy your summer weather because  winter in Bolivia starts TODAY and it is COLD. Count your blessings and read your scriptures.
Hermana Ius

Almost died again and caught it all on camera!

Hi everybody!

How are you all doing? Enjoying the great summer weather? I hope so! Because we are one week away from full-on WINTER here. Right now we´re experiencing Utah-weather where it´s suuuuuuper hot in the afternoon and then life-threateningly cold as soon as the sunsets. I guess Utah weather isn´t very unique to just Utah…
So the other day we had this CRAZY wind storm. It started off as a light breeze in the afternoon, but by evening it was just blowing like nothing else. And the weird thing is that the wind was super warm, too, which is incredibly unusual because it is WINTER. So there we were, being attacked by this weird warm wind and all the dirt it carried with it when I decided to take out my camera and snap a video of this weird weather (because why not?). Then, just a few minutes after I´ve started filming, I catch on video the moment we almost died (more or less). You see, the wind was SUPER STRONG, and we were walking right under this tin-balcony thing when the wind roared and TORE OFF THE TIN ROOF and then this tin roof LANDED RIGHT IN FRONT US!
I might have screamed a little bit.
Anyway we´re actually totally okay but if we had been standing just a few feet closer….pucha. So we have some little things to be grateful for this week!
We committed two perople to a baptism date this week and I´m super hopeful for them. They´re both single women and when we invited them to be baptized, the spirit was so strong and they both expressed to us their desire to change. I´m especially hopeful for Anarosa. She was so sincere with us about how she´s already been hinting towards her family that she would like to attend our church and be baptized. She was very hesitant towards accepting a baptism date, but the spirit was so strong as we taught that I felt prompted to share a scripture with her, and that scripture, along with our testimonies, helped resolve her fears and she accepted a baptism date. Now we need to get her to attend church with us! haha
Well, I love you all and I hope you´re doing great. I´m grateful for all your support from far away.
Hermana Ius

When fishing, drink water

Hi everyone!

I hope you´re all doing great. We had a b usy week last week. Presidente Rodríguez is really putting a lot of emphasis in the need to find new investigators every week, or as he likes to  call it, “fishing”, so we did a whole lot of that the past few days. We had a lot of success and found 12 new people to teach, so we´ll see if anything comes about out of that. The weather here is still super weird. It´s incredibly hot in the afternoon…but freezing when the sun goes down. And the sun is super strong…I didn´t understand what people meant when they said the sun was gross, but now I do, because what happens when you´re out fishing all day, everyday for a week? The sun fries your brain, that´s what. You get sunstroke, that´s what. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT MOM, it´s really m ild sunstroke and we called the mission nurse and she´s helping us get better. We just got a lot of headaches and nausea and  stomach problems and Hna. Acevedo threw up haha. BUT WE´RE GONNA LIVE!  And we´re drinking a lot more water. It´s super weird, thinking tha t it´s possible to get sunstroke  when winter is starting, but hey! Welcome to Bolivia.
We had our first official English class this week, and we had so much success! The ward was super supportive and a bunch of members came, as well as investigators and some strnagers off the streets! We had a lot of fun teaching, and I think they we´re able to learn a little bit of English, too.
Well, I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy your new warm weather. Stay cool — literally– and don´t get sunstroke.
Hermana Ius

Just Another Week!

Hey friends,

I hope you´re enjoying the long weekend! As missionaries, we don´t realy get a break from the work, but we do get our P-Day!Woohoo.
This week went by pretty fast, so I don´t have a ton to say. On Monday, we hiked to a waterfall and it was so pretty and fun.
We had a multi-zone conference this week with Presidente and he announced that he was changing our schedule. No, we do everything one half hour later. We wake up at 7 in the morning, our curfew is from 9:30 -10:00, and we got to bed at 11. Super loco! However, our area is kind of dangerous at night so we actually come back at about 8:30 – 9 in order to study the language.
One funny experience– we found an inactive family in the street because we decided to buy empandas from them. When we found out they were inactive members, we decided to share a litte message with them about the plan of salvation. Well, we had a third-party listening to our lesson — a drunk guy! Haha I don´t think he actually understood anything but he seemed to be listening along and at the end came to get a pamphlet from us. As we walked away, he appeared to be reading.
Well, I love you all and hope you´re doing well. Thanks for your love and support!
Hermana Ius