Week of Miracles

Hello friends!

this week was absolutely full of miracles and tender mercies. My heart is so full with all of the love my Heavenly Father has for me and every single one of us.
To start off, this week had splits with our sister-training leaders, and for the first time in 6 months I was paired up with another gringa! Hna. Wheeler is from Arizona and it was a lot of fun hanging out with her. I learned so much.
The next day, we had our zone conference and it was so wonderful. I learned so much and felt the spirit very strongly. Haha, sometimes Presidente and Hna. Rodríguez scare us because they can be very direct and chastise us, but they really do love us and I felt that very strongly in the conference.
The next day we had interviews with Presidente, and he appears to be satisfied with our work! While waiting for my companion, the hermanas from barrio central, my first area, arrived and told me the good news: One of my investigators from Central ws getting baptized the next day! Not only that, but my investigators girlfriend, whom we taught along with him, already got baptized the week before! I was absolutely overjoyed. I remember that the way we found this couple was that I was walking down the street with Hna. Gonzales on a day when all of our appointments fell through and someone called out to us from across the street. It was a member from another ward and she told us she had references for us. She introduced us to Daniel and at first we were a little timid about visiting him because we could only ever visit him in his workplace, but we felt time and time again to go and he really understood the doctrine so well. We gotpermission from Presiednte to go attend his baptism and one of our investigators howed up with us to see the service, and presidente was there as well! It was really such a blessing to go there because when I left Barrio Centrtal, I felt unsure about whether or not I had done much good in that area, but it´s all in the Lord´s time, right?
The last miracle for the week was that 6 investigators attended church. Woohoo! We´ve never had so many attend, and we were a little overwhelmed, but it was so exciting and a great miracle.
I love you all and I hope you are all doing great.
Hermana Ius
PS I also ate Sopa Poderosa for the first time in my life (“powerful soup”). The meat it contains would be the testicles/penis of a bull. I cannot believe I actually ate it.
Note from Savannnah: Amanda said she would love to get more emails and hear from you. Her email address is amanda.ius@myldsmail.net .

New Record!

Hi everybody!

Happy late 4th of July! We didn´t do much to celebrate this day, but on the 5th of July, my pensionista made us hamburgers! And not just any type of hamburger, but the recipe that my mom sent me (thanks mom, you da best). It tasted so good! Just like home! Ain´t gonna lie, I got a little trunky there for a moment, I haven´t had such a delicious hamburger in 9 months. It was kind of funny though because this day, Silvia, our pensionista, still insisted on giving us soup first, then she gave us two giant hamburgers and homemade fries. I was so stuffed that I couldn´t eat anything for the rest of the day — and that´s saying something, because usually I get hungry after an hour or so.
I also taught Silvia how to cook potato soup! It turned out super well, but she kept wanting to add chicken or beef to my soup to add flavor. Haha, it was pretty funny, but it turned out well in the end. Here, a soup isn´t a soup if it doesn´t include somesort of animal element in it.
This week, we hit a new record for finding new investigators — 18! I used to think finding 7 was asking too much, and now we never find less than 10. We´re definitely working our tails off here in Bolivia.
Our District leader told us that currently, our district is responsable for finding half of all the new investigators in the entire zone, so we´re feeling pretty good about all of our efforts.
This week, we started attending a different church building! It seems that the church has grpwn so much here in Bolivia that it´s time we build another chapel, but land is hard to find, so right now we´re attending house-church, which is basically this three level house that the church is renting right now for our use. They renovated the entire building, so it´s real pretty. It is a little different attening sacrament meeting in a garage though, but it´s a pretty garage, so it´s okay.
Well, I love you all so much and I´m so grateful for your support everyday. Have a great week!
Hermana Ius



Hi everyone!

I hope you´re all enjoying your holiday weekend. We didn´t do anything for Canada Day (though I made a cute little canadian flag and hund it in my room). We probably   won´t do anything special for 4th of July either, but I did  just get a hamburger recipe from my mom (thank you!), s o we´ll see if I can cook something up this week .
This upcoming week, I complete 9 months in the mission! I am absolutely in chock that half of my mission could pass by so quickly. I sure hope these next 9 months are  a little slower. However, the nice news is that now my sister, if she so choses, can get pregnant and it will be okay because I will b e home in time to welcome my new little niec e/nephew into the world. (But don´t get pregnant yet, okay?)
I recently got my hands on a couple of LDS movies, and in our downtime in the night, I´ve been introducing Hna. Acevedo to the likes of “The Best Two Years” and “The Errand of Angels”. It´s been very fun.
As the weeks pass by quicker and qui ck er, it gets harder and harder to remember everything that happens everyday! So I´m sorry if this email is a little short. I need to  get  better at remembering everything, but I guess you could say that I´ve just really lost myself in the work. 😉
I love you all! See you next week.
Hermana Ius