Hi everyone!

I hope you´re all enjoying your holiday weekend. We didn´t do anything for Canada Day (though I made a cute little canadian flag and hund it in my room). We probably   won´t do anything special for 4th of July either, but I did  just get a hamburger recipe from my mom (thank you!), s o we´ll see if I can cook something up this week .
This upcoming week, I complete 9 months in the mission! I am absolutely in chock that half of my mission could pass by so quickly. I sure hope these next 9 months are  a little slower. However, the nice news is that now my sister, if she so choses, can get pregnant and it will be okay because I will b e home in time to welcome my new little niec e/nephew into the world. (But don´t get pregnant yet, okay?)
I recently got my hands on a couple of LDS movies, and in our downtime in the night, I´ve been introducing Hna. Acevedo to the likes of “The Best Two Years” and “The Errand of Angels”. It´s been very fun.
As the weeks pass by quicker and qui ck er, it gets harder and harder to remember everything that happens everyday! So I´m sorry if this email is a little short. I need to  get  better at remembering everything, but I guess you could say that I´ve just really lost myself in the work. 😉
I love you all! See you next week.
Hermana Ius

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