New Record!

Hi everybody!

Happy late 4th of July! We didn´t do much to celebrate this day, but on the 5th of July, my pensionista made us hamburgers! And not just any type of hamburger, but the recipe that my mom sent me (thanks mom, you da best). It tasted so good! Just like home! Ain´t gonna lie, I got a little trunky there for a moment, I haven´t had such a delicious hamburger in 9 months. It was kind of funny though because this day, Silvia, our pensionista, still insisted on giving us soup first, then she gave us two giant hamburgers and homemade fries. I was so stuffed that I couldn´t eat anything for the rest of the day — and that´s saying something, because usually I get hungry after an hour or so.
I also taught Silvia how to cook potato soup! It turned out super well, but she kept wanting to add chicken or beef to my soup to add flavor. Haha, it was pretty funny, but it turned out well in the end. Here, a soup isn´t a soup if it doesn´t include somesort of animal element in it.
This week, we hit a new record for finding new investigators — 18! I used to think finding 7 was asking too much, and now we never find less than 10. We´re definitely working our tails off here in Bolivia.
Our District leader told us that currently, our district is responsable for finding half of all the new investigators in the entire zone, so we´re feeling pretty good about all of our efforts.
This week, we started attending a different church building! It seems that the church has grpwn so much here in Bolivia that it´s time we build another chapel, but land is hard to find, so right now we´re attending house-church, which is basically this three level house that the church is renting right now for our use. They renovated the entire building, so it´s real pretty. It is a little different attening sacrament meeting in a garage though, but it´s a pretty garage, so it´s okay.
Well, I love you all so much and I´m so grateful for your support everyday. Have a great week!
Hermana Ius



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