Just being super busy down here….

Hi friends!

Well, we´ve been told that the winter should be lightening up from here on out, and by the middle of August it should be getting warmer, but who knows? We´ll just have to see how it all plays out. I´m a little scared to hope for anything when it comes to the weather because it could all very quickly turn south and I don´t want to be responsible for jynxing everything! This past week it hsan´t been too cold, but poor Hna. Jara just arrived from the city of eternal sunshine so she´s been shivering fairly constantly. I hope for her sake that we don´t get another cold spell!
We were super busy this week with contacting references and setting up visiting our investigtors. We have a bunch of people who are progressing rather nicely, and we´re hoping that we can see a baptism this transfer! We had a funny experience yesterday when we were eating lunch with some members. I made the comment “we need baptisms” and the husband in the family just pointed right at his little nephew who was with us and was like “baptize him! I´ve already talked to his parents that he needs to get baptized. He´s gonna get baptized!” and we just looked at this 12-year-old kid and asked “Do you want to get baptized?” and he just shrugged and was all like “I guess so.” Haha! He´s a really good kid and we have plans to visit him this week, so we´ll see what happens.
We got to attend the Pioneer Festival that the stake organized this past Friday. Every ward/branch had to prepare a dance, and it was definitely interesting to see the Bolivian interpretation of “pioneer/cowboy square dancing”. The outfits were pretty funny too — some totally accurate, and others the glitzed-up version of what a pioneer would have worn. All in all, it was a ton of fun!
Well. I love you all so much and I¨m grateful for all of your love and support.
Hermana Ius

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