Week of Miracles!

Hello family and friends!

This week has been so full of miracles, so many wonderful things have happened and I’m just so happy. We’ve really been working hard here in La Pampa to help our investigators accept the gospel, come to church, and sometimes there are days or weeks when you feel like all your efforts are futile…and other times you have a week where Heavenly Father totally delivers up on all His promises.
This week we were able to find so many wonderful families that are totally prepared to accept the gospel, and we were able to set several baptism dates. We had so many investigators attend church yesterday, it was an absolute joy to see them all there in the sacrament meeting.
The greatest miracle was yesterday, when one teenager from another ward attend our ward in order to bring two of her non-member friends there who live ion our area. They enjoyed church a lot and we set up an apoointmet with them just after church. When we went to their house, they started asking us questions all about the Book of Mormon. As it turns out, their friend had gifted them a copy because in EFY, all the youth had been given the challenge to give a BoM to one of their friends. This valient young woman accepted the challenge and was courageous enough to share her beliefs with one of her friends. In the lesson with these young women, we felt the Spirit so strongly, and my companion and I just had the overwhelming feeling that we needed to invite them to be baptized, that we could not leave the lesson with inviting them to be baptized. Well, I think we were both a little unsure how to approach the subject because it had only been a few minutes, but we asked them if they had any questions for us and the younger sister just asked “How can we become members?” I just felt so happy because I knew this was the reassurance we needed, that these two girls were ready for this covenant. We taught them about baptism and invited them get baptized the 13 of october, and they accepted so quickly, without hesitation. If everything goes well, we´ll be having a baptism just before the end of the transfer. 🙂
Well, I love you all so much and I’ve really felt your prayers this last week. I´m not gonna lie,. I’ve had a few hard weeks here in the mission where I really wondered if God was answering my prayers, but after time I can see how He really does answer our prayers — in His time. I’ve had to learn how to be patient and trust in Him unwaveringly, and I think that was what He wanted me to learn. I know that Heavenly Father never abandons us — He loves us so much. We need to trust that every experience we have — the good, the bad — is all for our good. Everything always leads back to Him, and loving and trusting His way and His will.
Love you!
Hermana Ius

First Week in Santa Cruz!

Hi friends!

My first full week here in Santa Cruz has been amazing! The culture is so different from Tarija, it would surprise you, but I absolutely love being here. There´s so much energy and it´s hot and humid, and although some people might not like that, I do feel like it energizes me and that makes me happy and excited. Or at lest during the day, because at night it´s so hot we have too sleep with our fans on full blast, and the noise makes it kind of hard to sleep! Haha oh well.
We have amazing investigators here in La Pampa. We have teenager named Jose Elias, he´s gonna get baptized at the end of the month and he´s so excited. Yesterday he went to church and he  left early so he coupld pick one of his friends to attend with him! It was so adorable because Jose Elias isn´t even a member yet and he´s already so excited to share the gospel.
The zone leaders and sister training leaders here in Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz North had a special leadership meeting with Eler Calderón, a member from the seventy. I got to attend and it was so fun to hear this guy speak, he´s crazy passionate about the gospel and was practically dancing in front os us all, so high was his enthusiasm.
My companion is amazing and I love her soooooo much! We talk and joke all day long and that´s just about the best thing anyopne can hope for in a companionship. She also respects my crazy love for dogs and ice cream.
Thanks for all your love and support!
Hermana Ius