A lot of awesome things happened this week

February 26, 2018

Hello everyone!

we had a totally awesome week. We´re definitely seeing a lot of miracles here in our area, and it´s just been such a blast!
On wendesday there was a strike so we had instructions to just go hide in the house all day long. According my knowledge, nothing really dangerous ended up happening, but it´s better to be safe than sorry!
There´s a new sister missinary n the ward…and she´s from Brazil!! Hermana Avelino from Sao Paulo. She´s such a doll! Everybody isin love with her because it´s been such a long time since there´s been a brazilian sister missionary here in Bolivia.
Friday morning we had an INVASION which basically means that our district came to our area to help us contact for like 2 hours straight and it was super successful, we got some new investigators and like 30 references.
We have one investigator that is preogressing a lot — Vanessa! I mentioned her in my last email. We stressed very much the importance of her going to church so that she could be baptized, and yesterday she went — and brought her entire family with her! I guess it helps a lot that her older brother is also a recent convert. The whole ward was so pumped to see this new family enter and fill iup a whole row. Vanessa is sooooo cute, and saturday night she also was able to attend a baptism service to see how we get baptized in the church, and she´s just so pumped to become a member! Her mom has officially approved that we baptize Vanessa — as long as Vanessa behaves herself these next few weeks!
We visited Claudia as well this week and challenged her to a baptism date. We asked her what she would ask God if she had the chance to talk to him face to face, and she told us that she would ask him two things: Why are we here, and if she´s in the right path in life? We could really see her desires to know the truth and and do the right thing. She´s been doing a great job with reading and praying and attending church, now she just needs to get her answer that everything we´ve taught her is true!
I´m very grateful to be a missionary. As I´ve been studying the scriptures everyday, I´ve been able to feel the great need and urgency to bring the gospel to all of God´s children, and I´m just so grateful to be apart of that!
I love you!
Hermana Ius

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