March 5, 2018
Hello family and friends!

Yes, it´s true — yesterday I offically hit my 17 month mark. It´s getting scary now with that that last month remaining, but I´m just focusing on all of our awesome investigators and how much i love them.
so for the last few months, we´ve been planning a special activity with the youths — a game night where we could invite our younger investigators to go and get to know that church. The YW president was such a great help and was super excited with the idea. Then, a few weeks ago, we met a less active part member family. The older sister, Wendy, wants to reactive herself, and her younger sister (Carol) isn´t baptized yet. For six years, missionaries have been visitng them off and on and Carol neverreally was interested, BUT we found her and invited her to the game night wew ere planning with the youth! THIS called her attention and she got really excited to go, and even brought her friend with her isn´t  a member either. The activity was a complete success! It was SO much fun and Carol and her friend loved it and the activity helped them get really interested in hearing us. When we met with them a few days later, they were very interested in the lesson and committed to go church. Boy werewe surprised whrn, Sunday morning, we arrived, and they were already seated there! It was pretty awesome. Like I always say, there are a lot of miracels happening here.
We had a lot of people attend church yesterday, so that always helps one feel good! When I first arrivedin the area, I felt like we had nobody to teach and visit, but we worked hard andit´s always nice to see the fruits of your labors.
Well, I don`´t have too much to say, justthat I love being a missionary and working hard. I can´t believe that this is really my last month in the mission field — I still feel like it was just yesterday that I arrived here! But I know i´m not the same person that i was a year and a half ago. I still have a month left but I already know that the mission has blessed me in so many ways. My perspective onlife has changed, my goals and desires are little different, too, and I´ve met so many people that have become my family. I´m so grateful everyday that I´m here and I hope to work harder than ever before this last month.
I love you all so much!
Hermana Ius

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