Jardin Botanico

March 12, 2018
This week was awesome!
As always, we worked our butts off and saw some amazing miracles. The members in this ward are just the BEST because they always want to help us out. They´ve inspired me so much because we will often see a member in the church or visit them in their houses and they always ask us when they can accompany us or how they can help us, and that´s the best attitude that one can have! Service is, at the end of the day, pure religion, and I´m so grateful that the members have realized that.
Vanessa is going to get baptized this week! I am o excited she´s absolutely adorable and so pumped for her baptism, and the members are too. It´s hard not to just love someone who´s so cute a and crazy.
And do you guys remember Carol? She´s the unbaptized little sister of a part member family. Well, we visite her again this last weekend and had an incredibly spirit – filled lesson. Carol really opened up to us and told us all about her life..and dang, for someone so young, she´s suffered a whole lot. She even confessed that for a long time, she gave up believing in God because all she  could see in the world was suffering. Then, as she began to observe the people around her, she realized that those who have faith in God are just so much happy than others, and she wants that same happiness, too. It´s really amazing how Heavenly Father prepares and cares for His children. Although sometimes we might feel like the whole world is against us, He is always there to help us. He is very aware of who we are.
So we challenged Carol to get baptized and she accepted! She even said that she´d been meditating for a long time in this, and would have gotten baptized sooner…only that she felt super awkward with Elders teaching her. HA!
And on Sunday I gave a last minute talk in the sacrament meeting about the atonement. I was super nervous but everyone told me it was wonderful.
Today we had a zone activity. We went to these gorgeous gardens and had a barbecue.
I love you all so much! Being a missionary is the absolute best.
Hermana Ius

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