Miracles and Miracles and Miracles

March 26, 2018

Good morning my dearest friends and family,

I can´t express to you all today just how full my heart is because we have definitely seen some amazing miracles this last week! It´s been so amazing because I´ve worked so hard for my whole mission, and there´s just nothing like finally being able to see the fruits of our labors. We had two baptisms this week, and they were both giant miracles! First of all, Willy got baptized, he´s an investigator that I found my first few weeks here when I was with Hermana Astudillo. We´ve been working so hard with him and it just looked like he wasn´t going to go through with getting baptized, but let´s just say that he´s got some amazing friends in the ward who weren´t going to let him slip away from this important convenant! He got baptized on Friday, and boy, was all smiles! He was just so happy, and went it was time to share his testimony, he started crying. The spirit was so strong.
And then the very next day…Carol got baptized as well! All of the young women went to her baptism to support her and she was also just glowing from excitement. She was one of our miracles here because we only found her a few weeks ago, but was ready to get baptized — she´s been waiting six years! I guess we all jsut need to trust in the Lord´s timing, right?
This is my last week of hard work in Las Misiones, and I can´t think of a better way of going that with these miracles baptisms. I absolutely love this ward and the members and everyone! I can´t believe that so  soon i will have to go home and leave this beautiful place. Everyone here has really just become my family, and I´m going to miss them all so much.
I hope all of you take time to listen to and enjoy general conference and reflect on how the gospel has blessed your lives and how our Savior has changed you. I guarantee that there is not a person on the planet who has not been blessed by Him.
I love you all so much!
Hermana Ius

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