Amanda is an avid enthusiast of anything to do with animation and is an art nerd through and through. Most days she can be found sipping hot chocolate and reading a book in her bedroom. Dreaming of far off places and imaginary princes hinders her from living what others may call a normal life, but do provide her with much entertainment and joy.

Amanda also has a strong affinity for chocolate (and anything with sugar in it for that matter), believes that reading the last page of a book before you are finished with it is an unforgivable sin, and is simply infatuated with sunsets and jazz  music (preferably at the same time). Her hands are constantly covered in graphite, ink, paint, and dog hair.

Amanda has been called to serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Bolivia, Santa Cruz. She is incredibly excited to serve the people there and to share the gospel.